June 6, 1944—Allied troops storm the coast of France with one ultimate purpose in mind and together, in the largest oceanfront invasion in history, they accomplished their goal. It certainly wasn’t without sacrifice, so it is on this day that we remember their victory and the thousands of indiviuals who defended the cause of freedom in war. 🇺🇸


@ vs. #


Honestly, I had no idea about this till today…however embarrassing that might be. But I just couldn’t figure out why my recent daily challenge pics on Instagram weren’t posting correctly. So to the almighty Google I went, and yay, darkness enlightened!

Here’s what I learned regarding the power of the @ and the #:

Use the @ sign when tagging a specific person or company in your post in order to alert them directly.

Use the # sign for general tagging, as in, #dogsrule and everyone’s posts with that specific hashtag will appear in their own special group when you click that hashtag.

So happy to be a little more social media savvy. Thanks, Google, once again! #suchanewbie

Holidays · Watercolor

Watercolor Watermelon


Today is actually Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day so firstly, Happy Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day! 🍉

Secondly, I am loving this whole watercolor trend. I’m pretty new to watercoloring myself….especially if you don’t count my elementary school Crayola watercolor art. (But don’t get me wrong about Crayola watercolors…I’ve seen some amazing work done by some amazingly talented people who use only a $2 Crayola watercolor palette.) So I’m trying to hop on board.

But since I’m such a newbie, the above piece was actually done on my iPad using the Procreate app. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, and I like the look it gives of a watercolor but I really want to learn to watercolor using traditional methods. Till then, the Procreate app works in a pinch….and for people like me who have no watercoloring skills…..yet. 😬


Wedding Fun

IMG_2187I’m so I excited to share this with you today (I got permission from the bride to reveal it a few days early before her big day this weekend)!

This is the biggest piece I’ve ever created and I loved having the opportunity to do it. I learned a lot along the way and thoroughly enjoyed the process from sketching to final inking. Thank you, sweet bride, for asking me and for having confidence enough in me to produce something worthy of display on your big day. 😊

Materials used: 16 x 20 black foam board, Elmer’s Painters Opaque Paint Markers in white (medium and fine), pencil, eraser, and the wording from a piece sold by an Etsy seller named Scriptsakes (according to the best info I could gather from Pinterest and the picture that was sent to me.)



Holidays · Procreate App

Armed Forces Day


First observed in 1950, Armed Forces Day honors all five branches of the United States military: Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force,  and Coast Guard. Without a doubt Americans enjoy immense freedom every day because of the critical roles these five core branches of our government play in the affairs of this world.

Thank you, U.S. Military and all who serve and have served under each of your branches! Happy Armed Forces Day! 🇺🇸

Bible verses

Rubies, My Fav


It’s another Wisdom Wednesday which calls for another gem (pun intended) from the Proverbs.

And in case you were wondering, rubies are one of my favorite gems because they’re my birthstone 😊 July = Rubies 😊 and because the good ones are beautifully bright red. Did you know that some gems are synthetically made….as in, made in a lab? Bummer. I much prefer the real ones created and put here for our enjoyment.

Hope everyone’s having a Happy Wednesday! 💎 <——– pretend it’s red



Another Obscure Holiday


In honor of the great morsel that is the Chocolate Chip I hereby bestow upon my readers (all four of you 😬) one of our family’s favorite recipes requiring chocolate chips. Only the actual cookies themselves come in first place while chocolate covered strawberries hold their place at number three.

Even though these are a fam favorite I do not allow myself to bake up this pan of yummy goodness very often. Two reasons: 1. Everybody would blame me for their chubby bellies and 2. If I made them too often then they would lose their special-ness. Am I right?!

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day! 🍪